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Registering as a Hai-O Marketing Distributor

1.Applicants must be 18 years of age or above from all countries.

2.Upon his or her acceptance as a Hai-O Marketing distributor, the applicant will be automatically recognized as a distributor of Hai-O Marketing and the distributorship will remain valid as long as the distributor  abides by and conforms to Hai-O Marketing’s Distributor Code of Ethics (click here to read)  as stated in Hai-O Marketing’s Business Handbook

3.The distributor has studied and understood the Hai-O Marketing’s Business Handbook and abide to the Direct Selling Act and agrees to abide by all the operational procedures, rules and regulations therein stated.

4.The distributor acknowledges that any violation of the Terms of Agreement and the Hai-O Marketing Distributor’s Code of Ethnics may result in the termination of the distributorship or other disciplinary actions deemed appropriate by the Hai-O Marketing Management.

5.Termination of a distributorship for whatsoever reason(s) in any country will automatically result in the termination of distributorship in all countries whereupon all benefits, privileges and recognition of the distributor shall cease immediately.

6.Hai-O Marketing reserves the right to accept or reject any application form for any reason at its discretion including applications that contain incomplete, inaccurate, false or misleading information. Any alteration or modification will be subject to verification.

7.The distributor agrees to keep abreast with and be bound by all changes and updates

8.Hai-O Marketing reserves the rights to amend the Terms of Agreement and Hai-O Marketing Distributor’s Code of Ethics in the Business Handbook without any prior notice or explanation.

Distributor’s Terms of Use

1.If no sponsor (upline) is indicated, Hai-O Marketing’s Customer Service will assign a sponsor (upline) to you after 1 month and no change is allowed thereafter.

2.Upon the registration of a distributorship in the First Country (where an individual/a couple first registered as Hai-O Marketing distributors, he/she is allowed to do recruiting in other host countries and all benefits , privileges and recognition will be accorded the same status.

3.All monthly bonuses are calculated in Malaysia only. The bonuses will only be paid out to PayPal account holders or through cheque when the total sum achieves USD 100 and the distributor will be notified via email with their monthly bonus statements.

4.All bonus payouts are subject to a withholding tax of 10% under the Malaysian Income Tax Act, 1967

5.Distributors in Host Countries will be subjected to local taxes and he/she must pay income tax.

6.The existing terms and conditions of the Marketing Plan remain unchanged in Hai-O Marketing Distributor’s Business Handbook for all countries.

7.Hai-O Marketing reserves the right to nullify the contract should it later be discovered that the personal information given is incorrect.

Renewal of Distributorship

1.The distributorship is valid for two (2) years from the date of registration with the approval of the Company.

2.The distributor  is not allowed to make any purchase online once his/her distributorship has expired. He/she has to renew his/her distributorship with charges of USD 30.

3.If the distributorship is not renewed within 3 months after the expiry date, the Company has the right to terminate the distributorship any time without notice.

4.To rejoin as a distributor, please refer to Hai-O Marketing Code of Ethics (click here to view)


The Company has the right to terminate the distributorship without any compensation according to whatsoever stated in Hai-O Marketing Code of Ethics (click here to view) or should the distributor have been found to have violated the Direct Selling Act. 

Shipping & Delivery

Availability Status

We offer you the convenience to purchase online through ecommerce.hai- Most of the time, products that are in stock will be processed and shipped promptly as long as the online purchase transaction is completed. Sometimes, there may be delay in shipment or the product(s) is/are unavailable,  thus an email notification will be sent to you. No compensation or cancellation is allowed. Suggested replacement might be recommended to you.

As a standard procedure, orders confirmed with payment made before 12.00pm will be processed on the same business day while orders placed after 12.00pm will be processed on the following business day.

Customers can expect to receive goods within 7 working days from the day their online purchase is successfully completed and payment is made. “Business day” means Monday to Friday, and does not include Saturday, Sunday and state, public and federal holidays. However, the transit time for the packages is subject to customs clearance time and procedures. Please note that you may be required to collect your package at your country’s customs for certain clearance declarations.

Shipping Costs

Once you have placed your order, you will be required to proceed to the delivery option where you will see the shipping cost.  Shipping costs and handling charges will be added to your order just prior to the point of payment in the e-shopping process.

If the package needs special handling during the delivery process, a handling fee will be charged. You can also view the total payment in detail on the invoice emailed to you upon your purchase or under “My Account”.

Any changes to the shipping and billing address will not be entertained after the order has been confirmed.

Hai-O Marketing reserves the right to decide on the shipment company that will be used to deliver the packages to all the countries. The shipping costs are subject to the shipment rates from time to time.

Please provide the accurate shipping address. The shipping charges incurred will be shown once you have selected the destination country. Upon successful clearance of payments, we will then immediately process the delivery. The delivery time will depend on the destination, respectively. 

Late Deliveries

We are not responsible for any delays caused by events beyond its control. Products will only be delivered to valid addresses and our courier partner will try to contact you if they cannot deliver your parcel. If you wish to have an update on the immediate location of your parcel, please contact the courier partner assigned . You may also contact our Customer Service at +603-33488588 or email us if you have not received your order within 7 business days.

Return Policy

For international e-commerce market, we do not offer refunds on any item unless there are manufacture defects or incorrect item(s) were delivered to you. We will exchange the same or different products with the same value of money depending on the customer or distributor 's request. If a refund is given, it will only be for the cost of the item. Shipping and handling fees are non-refundable.  Reshipment and other fees may be charged.

Customers must attach the following at the time of returning the products:

•Reason for return

•Copy of invoice

•Copy of Customer Order Receipt

•Products to be returned.

Buy Back Policy

Hai-O Marketing does not provide a Buy Back Policy to any distributor who wishes to terminate his/her distributorship and return Hai-O Marketing’s products that have been purchased.